Tuesday, October 17, 2023 – 


  1. Duplicate the first tab “DO NOT EDIT THIS TAB – Registration Form” and title the new tab the name of your school
  2. Fill in the information for yourself, a co-advisor if needed, and student’s information
    1. Please only fill in the yellow cells. Cells regarding specific events will automatically turn yellow from black as needed
    2. Scroll sideways to make sure you fill out ALL the information needed for the students
  3. When you are done registering your students – click the checkbox at the top of the page, noting the list is finalized.
    1. If you need to make edits after checking the checkbox, please email Jordyn Casey ([email protected] or 801.513.6665) and summarize the edits you made.


                                        Featuring both DECA and FBLA

  • There is no registration cost this year, students and advisors are free to participate. 
  • There will be a lunch for everyone, but there will still be an “invite only” lunch for students who are high achieving and interested in Utah State School of Business.
  • Students are allowed to compete in events from both DECA and FBLA but are not required to.

Snow College DECA Competition - November 2 2023