Alexa Garcia - President

Alexa Garcia from Mountain View High School is your Utah DECA State President. Alexa has been an active member in DECA since her sophomore year. Apart from DECA, Alexa is the cheer captain at Mountain View High, and an advocate for the multicultural club. She is passionate about dancing, art, economics, meeting new people, and traveling the world. DECA has inspired Alexa’s life by introducing her to the world of business, she finds DECA to be a fascinating and engaging environment where she can prepare for her future by participating in real world scenarios and meeting so many bright people. Alexa plans to graduate High School with her Associates Degree from Utah Valley University and continue her education through UVU, obtaining a bachelors degree in International Business. Alexa is dedicated to making Utah DECA more inclusive and engaging this coming year.

Jessica Duran - Northern Region Vice President

Jessica Duran from Weber High School is your Northern Region Vice President. She has been involved in DECA since her sophomore year, placing in the top 20 at ICDC in 2019 with fellow State Officer, Josephine Best. Jessica also participates in FBLA and debate at her school. DECA helped Jessica recognize her passion for marketing and graphic design. Aside from DECA, she also loves writing, film, and yoga. Jessica hopes to attend either NYU or Vassar, pursuing a career in journalism or law. Jessica is excited to aide students in improving their competitive abilities throughout the year.

Fernanda Caceres - Salt Lake Region Vice President

Fernanda Caceres from Herriman High School is your Salt Lake Region Vice President. Fernanda lives in Salt Lake County but loves to travel all across Utah year round. Her favorite thing to do in her spare time is photography. After High School, Fernanda plans to attend the University Of Utah as a Business Scholar. Fernanda loves to travel and is looking forward to attending ICDC in Nashville, TN. She is passionate about DECA and can’t wait to make the 2020-2021 DECA year even better! 

Trae Elison, Central Region Vice President

Trae Elison from Uintah High School is your Central Region Vice President. Trae has been a member of DECA since 9th grade. DECA has helped Trae in becoming a successful business owner of GT Lawn Care. His hobbies aside from DECA include golfing, welding, and spending time with his family. He is currently working on a new start-up business, creating sculptures out of metal. Trae looks forward to furthering his education by attending the University of Utah unpon graduation of high school and earning a degree in Engineering. DECA has made a tremendous impact on Trae’s life by helping him to turn his ideas into profitable businesses and has given him the confidence to promote them. He is excited to serve as a State Officer!

Caleb Nelson - Southern Region Vice President

Caleb Nelson from Cedar High School is your Southern Region Vice President. Caleb has loved his experience in DECA and is looking forward to serving as a State Officer. Outside of DECA he enjoys running cross country and track, skiing, and running his pedicab business. He also participates in Debate and FBLA, and plays the saxophone in the CHS Bands. After high school Caleb is planning on serving a two year mission for his church, then attending a University to earn a degree in business management. He can’t wait for what’s ahead!

Josie Best - Technology Vice President

Josie Best from Weber High School is your Vice President of Technology. Josie has been a part of DECA since her Sophomore year and competed at ICDC in 2019, placing in the top 20. She is also an officer for her school in FBLA and attended their national competition in 2019. Aside from DECA, Josie is passionate about music, film, and sports. She is currently scrum-half on the South Davis girls rugby team, plays the guitar, and is involved in many film classes at her school. In the future Josie hopes to attend either Barnard or Boston college and graduate with a bachelor’s degree in film studies or journalism. If you have any videos of anything DECA related, don’t be shy to contact and share your footage with Josie, as some of her goals for Utah DECA this year are to increase inclusivity and participation.